Thursday, March 27, 2014

It's Time to Ignite The Air

So...I feel like a super hip kid...this is my first blog from (drum roll it babe) my PHONE! Technology is b-a-n-a-n-a-s! is the first day of closing weekend and I've been "oddly emotion" (I quoted myself). But that is a story for later. 

So in between weekends I've been resting my voice on Sunday and Monday then jumping back on it on Tuesday. This week was no different except I added a little extra credit HIV/AIDS research. This is gonna sound lame but...all the while I was looking thing up, I was listening to the cast album. So damn melodramatic. As I was listening and looking I felt that damn lump rising in my throat. I think for once I was starting to realize the gravity of this opportunity. I'm Tom Collins in mutha-fludpuckin' RENT! AHHHHHHHH!!! But not only that, my attitude towards life has transformed into Collins' Act II philosophy. Not to mention we get to join the ranks of so many actors that have assumed these roles. We are a part of musical theater HISORY! (...and we kinda sold out every show too)

I was talkin to a fellow castmate and I told her realistically speaking, because of our age, this would probably be our only chance to play these characters...Revelation much?

All of these damn words or just to say that this is it. This is our last chance to effect people the way we have in past weekends as this group of actors. We owe it to ourselves, the audience and Jonathan to leave EVERYTHING on the stage this weekend. 

Let's ignite the air,
Thanks Jonathan 

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