Monday, April 28, 2014

My Problem Right There

So it's been a little while, huh? I just wanna say I do really miss performing RENT. I will always love that music and have a deep connection with that show. Thanks Jon. Well, now on to Hard Body as the cool kids call it. If you are wondering (not wandering), what "Hard Body" is, the full title is Hands on A Hard Body. It's a musical based on a real life competition where participants compete for a brand new Nissan, hard body truck. Players must keep at least one hand on the truck at all times. If at any time a player completely releases him/herself from the truck, that player is out. No squatting, sitting, or leaning. Apparently you can't shower's SUMMER TIME...yuck and double yuck...B.O to the MAX!

I guess when I started rehearsal for RENT, I was at an unusual advantage. I had known the music since high school so I was able to focus on other things outside of the music. So I kind of forgot that most of the time if not all of the time, I'd be learning new music for a show. Thanks for spoiling me JON! With all that said, Hard Body's music is not hard, my problem is just getting re-acquainted with consistent music rehearsal on my own. The music is a country, pop, semi-gospel, rock combo plate. Not like T. Swift though, I love story her. Needless to say (Ima say it anyway), initially the music was a problem. The music has taken quite some time to grow on me. But I do enjoy it way more than I did upon my first listen in December. I really like all of Ronald's music. Oh yeah...I play this guy named Ronald McCowan. He's quite the lady's man (just like me). He has had and does have a few different lady friends as he calls them. I really like the opening song too, Human Drama Kind of Thing. It's a real groover!

I will admit I've been having trouble "finding Ronnie". I think my problem is we are pretty different. Me and Collins were SO similar (not sim-u-lar). It was easy to discover him. It was really like finding myself, like therapy. But Ronnie...I'm kind of "Searching for Ronald McCowan" here...or Fischer rather. I'll find him. I just got some work to do...a lot of work. 

Finding Ronnie McCowan, now that's gon be my problem right there.

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