Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's Gonna Be A Happy New Year


So lately I've been battling with MY idea of RENT Vs what we are actually creating. I've discovered that it is quite dangerous to have a completely formed, preconceived construct of a show before you even begin the communal journey. Like I've said before, RENT has been on my theater bucket list since high school so of course I've cast voices, staged it and even hear the music in a certain way. This can be ultra destructive to the way I interact with/approach our group. I thought I was over this when I gave myself a "call to Jesus" during the very first rehearsal. I guess I fooled me...RENT just means so much to me on a personal level and I wanted everyone to connect with the text and the story and the message just as I have. But that is not even a little bit realistic. Everyone has to have their own process inside of a show. 

RENT is really the quintessential cherry on the sundae of my life experience. In a word, it's the icing on my cake of self acceptance... "warts and all". But they're not actually warts at all...they're kind of the salt of my life. Bringin' da flavuh! They are what make me who I am. So...with all THAT said, I'm really starting to see how fortunate I am to be a part of this very unique ride.  Last night's rehearsal showed me the potential that I saw at the very first rehearsal. I think most would agree that last night showed us our potential to create something really poignant and profound. Look! ...your potential's showing. The talent in our group is really sick and ridiculous. We have the ability to take our audience on a crazy roller coaster ride that will leave them crying "more", "more", "more", "more" (<<sorry for that). All and all, I realized I had to leave my preconceptions at the door in order to create something original. Last night was when I accepted that more than ever. Now, as they say, onward and upward.

Thanks Jon

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